Deposit Specific Training – Kimberlite Pipe

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Geological modelling is a powerful and useful skill for any geologist. This course is designed to further develop the skills of participants that are using or have used Leapfrog Geo. Attendees will be taken through the various techniques and tools used to create a 3D geological model of a kimberlite pipe deposit, including internal kimberlite facies and the surrounding country rocks. Also covered are mined-out modelling, block modelling and cross sections.


Course Outline

  • Simplifying drillhole lithological data (group lithologies);
  • Creating a simplified geological model of a kimberlite pipe and country rocks;
  • Editing the kimberlite pipe using the polyline tools;
  • Creating a refined geological model for the internal kimberlite facies;
  • Creating a mined/unmined model using a topographic pit shell;
  • Combined models, to determine mined/unmined volumes;
  • Block modelling;
  • Exporting volumes/wireframes;
  • Presentation tools (enhanced cross sections and 3D scene files).


Target Audience

Geologists, with modelling experience, wanting to learn how to create a 3D geological model of a kimberlite pipe using Leapfrog Geo. Experience in kimberlite pipe deposits is advantageous.


Equipment Requirements

You will be required to bring your own laptop and mouse.


Terms & Conditions

Due to the limited seating, full payment will be required to secure your spot on the course. Please enquire about a special concession for geologists paying in
their personal capacity or unemployed geologists.