We are deeply passionate and determined to make a difference – because it is worth it beyond business. We think about the generations ahead.


The founder, Desmond Subramani named the business after his sons Blayne and Shael because underpinning everything the company does is an understanding that mining and exploration operations must have a vision of the future. What we do today must have tomorrow in mind. It’s about sustainable practices, better and more effective operations. It is a philosophy that says what we save today, we have for tomorrow.

Everyone at B&S Geological shares this philosophy. It’s what drives us to deliver the difference. It is what inspires our resourcefulness and constant questioning.

We always look for a better, more efficient, more effective, improved way forward. We have over 6-years of expertise behind us to prove it.

We have worked throughout the continent from South Africa to Saudi Arabia with clients such AST Quarries and Anglo American and more. Our client base in Africa spans to more than 20 countries, where we have applied our technological prowess and key strengths in kimberlite; orogenic; shear hosted and stratiform mineral deposits to provide richer results.