Learn, Understand, Question. Think, Solve, Share. Repeat.

To us, mining is about constant improvement. Optimization is not static. Improvement is not finite. Continually improving is possible. Better can always be bettered. That’s why our real job is to always look twice – to look beyond the obvious, to discover insightful practices and better ways for people to apply their skills and technology to produce more efficient, effective operations – throughout the process.

We apply our expertise in geological modelling and IT and use our experience to understand your geology. We never settle for average. We have proof that by actively improving processes, by streamlining systems for better use of data and ensuring that quality information is utilised properly, we can develop more robust geological models.

Better practice is about always seeking better. By improving skills and capabilities with the use of technologies, by training people properly, ensuring better performance and results from software. We can ensure real worth, more enduring value; by working in a system engineered to ensure constant improvement, we can give you a measurable difference with richer results that show.


B&S Geological has a unique process that has been developed through experience and expertise. We utilise a combination of information, expertise and insight. It’s a constantly improving process because every task we undertake gives us deeper knowledge so we can be innovative and thorough.

Learn, Understand, Question. Think, Solve, Share. Repeat.

It’s about optimising performance – using the right software, expertly so that you see better results. It’s about understanding our earth – using our knowledge. It’s about continuously improving no matter how inconsistent the variables.

Take the game of rock, paper, scissors as an example, no one aspect is always primary or the better option or makes a winning solution. You play the game with all aspects in perspective, the parameters are not constant. There is no real formula for success other than experience. It’s about a constant process of learning, understanding and refining.

That’s what makes our process revolutionary.

We conduct a rigorous in-depth review that is geared around enhancing the quality and the efficiency of the current model by considering all the different options that will lead to improvements

First we look at data sourcing – assessing where data comes from and looking at the quality of the information; because anything that is input at the beginning, by implication has an effect on the outcome. We look at how information is used from the start, ensuring that every bit of information is utilised to its maximum.

Our review takes into account how well the model and various outputs are communicated to different stakeholders in the process. We understand that different people in different roles with different responsibilities require a different depth and delivery of information to enable appropriate reactions – so we deliver reports that can be shared accordingly. It’s about time efficiency – knowing what information needs to be conveyed to who in what way and why.

Better Reports. Better Information. Better Decisions.
Better Outcomes.

At our heart, we’re scientists. We’re scientists of the earth – so we understand the power of a methodology, which is why we have worked out a system that makes it easy to understand what we do – and communicate to the different audiences in the information and decision-making process.

After reviewing, we work on recommendations.

Our recommendation practices include concept development of alternative models.

  • We test these alternative models against best practices

  • We develop prototypes of the best alternatives

  • We look at the results comparisons of the current model against prototypes

  • We make our recommen­dations

  • We assist your decisions with guidance to support you

  • We provide independent reporting – so that the business can confidently make sound and informed decisions.

Once we have applied all our knowledge and energy to your particular situation, we provide you with different ways to implement our recommen­dations so that you can make the most cost-effective decision for your operation and organisation.

A. You build – We mentor

We will provide customised, hands-on training.

And follow-up revisions for mentorship and re-enforcement of skills.

Including an update of new features on the system

And quick assessment to check whether your outputs are in-line with recommendations that empower your organisation and its’ people to use the technology and understand the process so that you get a total solution, while still maximising the use of your resources

This option may be better suited to clients who have resources already onboard – and as such may be more cost effective and employment efficient; although it often tends to be slower in turn around time for implementation.

B. We build – You review

  • We use our expertise to build your new model

  • Feedback sessions so that you are constantly updated with the model building and results. This is to ensure that you are happy with all aspects of the model and confident in taking ownership once it is completed.

This option enables us to provide a faster turn-around time for implementation of the new processes. For clients who do not have the resources, it’s a full-house solution.

If you build then the hand-over will include reports of the training and mentoring sessions, as well as issuing of certificates of competencies for those who have been trained.

These reports detail the outcomes of the mentoring sessions and what corrective measures (if any) were taken.

We will conduct a final review of the completed model and a sign-off letter to confirm that the model meets the levels of quality and efficiency agreed to at the onset of the implementation. In addition, this report will outline recommendations for routine reviews (to be conducted in 6 or 12 months from sign-off) to ensure that the standards of quality and efficiencies are maintained.

If we build, then the hand-over process will be delivering the model and outputs together with a report outlining the steps applied and all parameters applicable.

This option may include model maintenance training – so that should the client chose to maintain the model going forward, we can assist in the training required and can also include recommendations of appropriate time-lapse before updating the model again so that any new geological infor­mation can be included to keep the model current and outcomes on track